Current COVID-19 Protocol

Continuing Ministry in a Pandemic

In response to the recent Executive Orders from the Virginia Governor's office and in conjunction with the Virginia Conference of the United Methodist Church guidelines, the Patmos leadership has implemented the following COVID-related practices and procedures.

  • All fully vaccinated persons may be unmasked in both inside and outside gatherings.

  • All fully vaccinated persons may sing without a face covering in both inside and outside gatherings.

    • NOTE: Fully vaccinated is defined as having received your second dose of the Moderna, or Pfizer vaccines or one dose of the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine MORE THAN 14 days from the service the individual plans to attend.

  • Eating is permitted inside and outside of the church building. Pre-packaged meals are preferred. If a buffet table is used, serving utensils will be handled only by gloved servers. Disposable plates and eating utensils will be used.

  • Social distancing is encouraged for all persons except family groups.

  • Within the sanctuary, Patmos provides a Care/Safety Zone for all persons who are more comfortable sitting apart from attendees who are not wearing face coverings. These pews are identified by a sign on the end of the pew.

  • Self-check-in upon arrival is required of all persons. Please check-in by responding affirmatively to the COVID-related questions posted inside the church entrance and by entering your name and contact information on the Check-in sheet at the front entrance to the church.

Additional updates will be published as they are received from the Virginia Conference of the UMC leadership.

Please contact Pastor Claire ( with questions or concerns.